Destiny unlocks new "No Time To Explain" quest


Bungie released a new patch today for Destiny which was to increase Nightfall rewards and a few other tweaks. But what was unexpected by players was a new exotic quest is now available.

A previous secret quest in the daily Heroic mission Paradox lead players on a search for three dead ghosts from the lost Guardian Praedyth. This opened a portal to fight a Taken boss and rewarded you Ghost shell to turn into Future War Cult’s Lakshmi-2. This netted players some rep and thats it.

Like the Sleeper Simulant, players suspected that the No Time to Explain quest would eventually trigger. They were right. This quest “Not Forged in Light” is now available and thousands of Guardians are working towards that sweet loot as we speak.

The Steps

First, Lakshmi-2 asks you to donate to her cause. You must swear allegiance to Future War Cult and level up the faction 1000 points.

Next, You must kill a Taken Minotaur which drops a specific core you need to progress. Any Taken Minotaur Champion (yellow bar) can drop the core.

Then you must kill Atheon. Grab five friends (or strangers), fire up the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon. He will drop an "eye" which you must shatter to continue on with the quest. If you have been successful thus far, two new missions will be unlocked for you to complete. (Note: can be done on normal or hard mode.)

Shadow at Twilight (Earth) mission takes you to find a specific chest that randomly spawns in the map. The middle of the map is one location and another know location is the "Zone C" location from the crucible playlist.

Finally, you must go back to Mars for a new level 290 mission in the Black Garden. You must kill enough enemies to fill up the boss's "Anger" to 100%. This will spawn a Gate Lord. You must keep the anger level above 100% to keep him in the map. Kill him then head back to the Tower. (Note: Goblins give 3%, Minotaurs give 10%.)

Last step, visit Lakshmi-2 in the Tower to receive your new No Time To Explain exotic pulse riffle.

Happy hunting Guardians!

Stormnamikaze has posted a YouTube video which shows the steps from Atheon to picking up No Time To Explain. He also demos the weapon at the very end.


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