Marriage certificate spurs angry outburst in Barrington

Resident angry that certificate did not include verbiage for same sex marriage


A Barrington resident created quite a scene inside the Barrington Town Hall on Monday, June 12, in response to a marriage certificate form.

According to police, the resident entered the town hall at about 9:30 a.m. and started yelling and shouting at town employees about a marriage certificate form. Barrington Town Manager Jim Cunha said the man had brought the form with him.

"The form he had was from 2011," Mr. Cunha said.

Police said the man is gay and was angry because the form's verbiage referenced a marriage between and man and a woman and did not include terms for a same-sex marriage.

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According to police, a town employee tried to calm down the resident but her efforts were rebuffed. 

The man eventually walked out of the town hall, but returned about an hour later. The town hall employee reportedly tried to make amends for the prior situation — she handed the resident a new, updated form with the same-sex verbiage included. She also extended her hand and asked to "start over" but the angry resident refused to shake her hand. Another resident inside the town hall witnessed the second exchange.

The man then left the town hall with the updated form.

Police are investigating.

Note: An earlier version of this article stated that the man had been given the old form by a town official. 


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Honoré de Balzac

So I wonder if that was the husband or the wife???

Monday, June 19 | Report this

Honore de should be ashamed of yourself.

"Police are investigating?" Investigating what?! This man had every right to be upset. No violence was reported, just a man who raised his voice to evoke change.

Monday, June 19 | Report this
Local Bargain Jerk

Let me get this straight: This guy arrived at town hall with an outdated form and was upset that it did not live up to his expectations? Then, when given a current version of the form by a Town employee who was trying to help him, he acted in an angry, churlish, and mean manner?

-- This man had every right to be upset.

No, he didn't. He has a responsibility, as we all do, to act in a civil manner and to treat others with dignity and respect, particularly toward those who are trying to help..

He's lucky I wasn't the other resident "who witnessed the second exchange"...

Monday, June 19 | Report this
Honoré de Balzac

That's the problem, everyone raising voices to evoke change. That's one of the reasons why we have so much more violence today - our society has lost its civility! Big deal, so "Mr. Change" had the wrong form and he went in with all guns blazing and took out his outrage on the innocent clerk. To top it off, it was his own damn fault but he was too stupid to realize it.

Then you tell me I should be ashamed of myself! Why? Maybe I'm trying to "evoke change" back to normality.

Monday, June 19 | Report this

I don't condone his outrage being directed at the clerk, but I can understand his frustration.

You speak of civility, sir?

I wonder if that was the husband or the wife?....and yes, I saw the comment removed stating " you don't know where his hand has been.."

Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your comments are childish and not witty in the least. My definition of normality doesn't embrace prejudice or sexism. I'm sorry yours does.

Monday, June 19 | Report this
Honoré de Balzac


I don't agree with same sex marriage, same sex couples adopting children or teens undergoing gender reassignment. Those are my opinions and if you don't like them I guess it's too bad for you. I have a right to express my opinions as do you, the difference is those on the left are INTOLERANT of differing opinions. How ironic.

Furthermore, I don't "hate" those in the LGBTQQI community - I just don't appreciate their "in your face" attitude. I don't get in anyone's mush about my heterosexuality - why not keep their queerness to themselves? Contrary to what you may think, open deviant behavior only hurts society and further divides us.

I'm sorry you don't share my sense of humor - more's the pity. It's people like you that make comedians shy away from performing at college campuses. You libs can dish it, but you certainly can't take it. You preach tolerance, but you're the second most intolerant group of people on the planet - the muslims of course take the gold.

Tuesday, June 20 | Report this

Balzac, what makes people angry is that you want to take away their rights. Why shouldn't gay people be able to marry just as you do? What is heterosexuality so special? Indeed, in an over-populated world, gays serve a useful purpose. They not only don't contribute to over-population, they adopt unwanted children.

As for reassignment surgery, however, I do agree that the child doesn't have the right to make decisions for the adult yet to come. Some transgender children outgrow those feelings, though apparently not many.

As for the guy at the town hall, he doesn't realize that acting in such a manner gives gays a bad name. I am gay, and in such a situation I simply would have pointed out that the form needed to be changed, and then I would have made some edits to make it same-sex.

Tuesday, June 20 | Report this

Correction: WHY is heterosexuality so special? (not "what")

Tuesday, June 20 | Report this

CM - Balzac has every right to not agree with the whole same sex marriage thing just as you have the right to agree. The probably is with everyone today, they don't RESPECT anyone's right that disagrees! I don't agree with same sex marriage either, but I still respect those individuals, and don't treat them any different than any other HUMAN BEING.

I can go on and on and we can debate it until we are blue in the face, but none of that has anything to do with the article and the belligerent behavior of this person running into town hall and acting the way he did. You want acceptance in your community??? This is NOT the way to get it...

Tuesday, June 20 | Report this

JR, if you are smart enough to say what you said, then I think you will eventually come around to support gay marriage. You have to stop thinking in terms of procreation and see marriage as simply a divine/legal joining of two people. And if you don't believe that gay marriages could ever be blessed by God, then just remember that your religion is not the only religion in the world. Whoever God is, he isn't petty.

Wednesday, June 21 | Report this

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